The Feast, it's Ruined — My Quest For Eggo Waffles The Feast, it's Ruined — My Quest For Eggo Waffles

Posted by mradcliffe on 2007.09.13 @ 08:09

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Updated: now with response.

Eggo Waffles

I thought to myself this morning — I want an Eggo Waffle. You see, I have never had one, but have always been interested. There were some in the freezer that Robert had bought, removed from their packaging because of his space-saving ways.

Naturally I found the need to prepare an Eggo Waffle to the correct specifications as I wanted to make sure that I was having the correct Eggo experience (microwave, toast, pan fry, what?). To my surprise the feast was ruined (credit for the title), and breakfast was not magically delicious. [more...]

Project Hayate - Prolonging the Inevitable - Part 1 Project Hayate - Prolonging the Inevitable - Part 1

Posted by mradcliffe on 2007.05.12 @ 20:42

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Author’s Note: Forgive this preamble I promise that they’ll be juicy links and google page rank increases in Part 2.

After my October escapade in Boston — with a brief layover at Yon Reptile Campaign — Lifeâ„¢ decided to shine a ray of hope in my general direction, after Thanksgiving. However, quick to grant me access to enough income to pay rent, Lifeâ„¢ viciously raped my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, and I was unable to use MPlayer to play movies, use GL to play games, or whatever else we non-Apple people do with our video cards. [more...]

Whiter than a Hatfield Family Reunion Whiter than a Hatfield Family Reunion

Posted by mradcliffe on 2006.10.09 @ 10:39

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[Editor’s note: This post (including the above title) was written by mradcliffe immediately following a day spent with project ruori. It is unedited and uncensored, and is presented to the reader as a demonstration of the deleterious effects of association with said collective.]

It was brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago that I would be “performing” with project ruori at PURE. I wouldn’t say “brought to my attention.” More like “forced upon my sleepy eyes as I sat entrapped away from my own home.” I had only planned on seeing Phung before he left, but poor logistics and fate led me to PURE. [more...]