ruori pure qc

Back when project ruori was working on PURE, I wrote several custom patches for Quartz Composer to enable us to use it to develop the controller software. Input came in the form of fifteen photocells, connected to the MIDIbox64 I constructed as an undergraduate project a few years ago. MIDI input entered Quartz Composer, was processed by a huge patch (going ten levels deep in macro patches in some places), and was output to:

  • a visual display – using standard Quartz Composer techniques,
  • a Phidget InterfaceKit 0/0/4 (which controlled three 120 V AC lights plus a low-voltage power supply for the photocells) – using a custom patch,
  • and a Renoise composition – using my MIDI output patch – fed through a multichannel distributed audio system

Surprisingly this all worked.

Here’s what it looked like.