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2018.10.24 “The never-ending notary nuisance,” or, “infinite loop at Infinite Loop”
2015.10.08 Emulating "defer" in C, with Clang or GCC+Blocks
2013.07.14 Found: 25-year-old COSI visitor guide
2011.12.05 Hacking Open Atrium: adding Features within the Contexts of your Spaces
2011.12.02 Apple Radar vs. Time
2010.11.14 Recovering From a Failed ZFS Root Mirror Disk
2009.11.20 Release: Move Message To Sent Folder 1.2
2009.11.07 electro-music 2009: the videos
2009.03.08 JFS on Linux = Surprisingly Lossy
2008.08.12 NSSound and Enumerating CoreAudio Output Devices
2008.04.20 PHP's __autoload() function is Deprecated: Use spl_autoload_register() Instead.
2008.04.20 Apple Mail Hack: Move Message To Sent Folder
2008.02.15 Some Wild MacBook Pro Checkerboard Graphics Corruption / Crash
2007.07.10 NSURLConnection's sendSynchronousRequest enforces minimum 30 second timeout?
2007.07.05 How to make Pop-Up Menus in Custom Quartz Composer Patches
2007.06.29 New Custom Quartz Composer Patch Xcode Template
2007.05.20 Monstrous P5 Glove Patch for Quartz Composer
2007.05.16 Phidgets Patches for Quartz Composer
2007.05.16 ruori pure qc
2007.05.16 Apple Remote Patch for Quartz Composer
2007.05.13 Advanced custom Quartz Composer patch development documentation
2007.05.13 How to make inspector panels for custom Quartz Composer patches
2007.05.12 Keybindings in Mac OS X 10.4's
2007.05.08 Xcode Template for Custom Quartz Composer Patches
2006.11.02 Download of the Internet: $42.39
2006.09.22 More New Quartz Composer Patches
2006.09.19 61 Hidden Patches
2006.09.19 Private Patch Settings
2006.09.01 Who tore up all my wallpaper samples?
2006.08.20 Some New Quartz Composer Patches
2006.08.09 Hidden Quartz Composer Patches Redux
2006.08.02 and then all the way to god
2006.07.26 the skin of this wall
2006.07.26 the sound of the curtain of erich zann
2006.05.28 imagery
2006.05.22 stop. motion.
2005.12.12 Causality
2002.08.06 Nord Modular Wishlist
2002.08.06 Nord Modular Tempo Format
2002.05.24 The Mighty DeskNote