Monstrous P5 Glove Patch for Quartz Composer

Steve's gloved hand in front of the P5 Glove Quartz Composer PatchA few weeks ago I stumbled upon a P5 Glove listed on eBay for $20. It arrived a couple of days later, and I started playing with libp5glove by Jason McMullan, Tim Kreger, and Ross Bencina. I built a very simple Quartz Composer patch around it.


This release is only compatible with Tiger (10.4).
Please see for Leopard-compatible patches.

Get version 0.1 here.


  • This depends on Tim Kreger’s OS X kernel extension – part of P5osc. Install and enable the driver first.
  • Make sure you’ve plugged the glove in before attempting to render the patch – there’s currently no way for it to detect the plugging/unplugging of the glove.
  • Only a single glove at a time is supported.

The P5 Glove Quartz Composer Patch

Steve Mokris is a developer at Kosada, Inc.