New Custom Quartz Composer Patch Xcode Template New Custom Quartz Composer Patch Xcode Template

Posted by smokris on 2007.06.29 @ 17:02

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Create a new Xcode project with this templateHere’s a new version of the Xcode Template for Custom Quartz Composer Patches.


  • Rebuilt from scratch — no longer depends on QCJP’s work — and, by extension, the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike” license. My Xcode Template, as of version 0.2, is released into the Public Domain. You are free to use it for whatever — commercial or non-commercial.
  • QCJP’s headers were replaced with headers assembled directly from the QuartzComposer framework — now located in the QuartzComposer/ folder of the project. I’ve exported a few more headers than QCJP had constructed, so there’s some added functionality (namely, image input/output ports).
  • The project now automatically assigns an icon to the patch bundle, and installs it in /Library/Graphics/Patches/ for you each time you build, for faster edit-build-test workflow.
This release is out-of-date.
Please see the latest version.

Download the installer, version 0.2.

See the old version’s blogpost for some additional instructions and user comments.

Steve Mokris is a developer at Kosada, Inc.

Just the auto-move to /Library/Graphics/Patches alone is a show stopper. build/test cycles have never been faster :) Good Work.

Great works ! I’ve been struggling with Structure port on your old template, but am delighted to see QCStructure is presented in your new template.

I have developer tools on my HD but the 0.2 installer says it isn’t. I am running the Leopard dev tools version.

James -

We’ve published a few newer versions of the QC Patch Xcode Template (now with Leopard compatibility) on —