Apple Radar vs. Time

I recently filed an Apple Bug Report, which was marked as a duplicate. The actual bug isn’t terribly important, but the difference between the serial number of the bug I filed (10426480) and the serial number of its alleged duplicate (3323328) – about 7 million – surprised me. Just how old was this still-unfixed bug?

I slogged through the archives and the bugs users have manually posted on to compile a list of Radar Numbers and the dates they were filed, and ended up with this:

The graph is surprisingly well-described by the following exponential function:

n = 60258e10-9t

…where t is the Radar Date represented in seconds since the Unix Epoch, and n is the Radar Number.

This implies at least three things:

  1. The original bug was filed somewhere around June 2003.
  2. Apple has had about 60,000 bugs since the beginning of time, Thursday, January 1, 1970.
  3. By the year 2070, the ratio of Radars to Earth’s population will reach 1.

Steve Mokris is a developer at Kosada, Inc.