The Black Apple Strikes!

Matt Radcliffe and his BlackbookIt took a few minutes for cwright and smokris to realize what was different yesterday. Yes, the days had finally come. I had begun to shave my proverbial neckbeard. More than year after and much like similar happenings, 7/15/08 is a day that shall live in infamy.

I have an Apple product once again. 黒林檎(くろりんご、kuroringo)is born! Two weeks ago I committed myself to purchase a macbook to replace my aging IBM Thinkpad X31. The X31 had served me well for more then 4 years. Over the past year I had debated what laptop would best fit my needs. Although I quite liked the macbook I was put off by the increased weight. I briefly considered the Macbook Air only to conclude that the decrease battery life was not worth my time. In the end I decided to eat the weight and possible battery life restrictions of the macbook for the power and ease of OS X (not including not being able to print to a Sharp copier).

In any case after a false start whereupon Apple did not have a black macbook in stock despite listing it on their refurbished section. However I checked on 2008.07.09, and a sexy black 2.4ghz core 2 duo macbook was listed. I decided to go with regular shipping hoping it would arrive by the 11th. Hah! The 15th rolled around, and FedEx delivered the laptop about an hour before my peers would arrive up north.

So I concocted a devious plan to lure them into a false sense of security. I set this ebony beast of glory onto the port replicator of my X31, propped a Dell 5310n product info. sheet over the back, and then a white piece of paper over the keyboard.

After a delicious lunch an Pizza Hut we returned. Chris was the first. He passed right by, sat down, and opened his macbook. I sat down, turned on the power to the hear my blackbook chime for the first time. Chris mentioned, “Oh did you change your out-of-sleep sound to that?” Mission accomplished.

Steve walked in a little later. At this point I had taken no measures to disguise my macbook. His mind was pre-occupied with other matters, and he missed the white logo in a sea of black directly across from the office door. Over by the refrigerator I said, “Hey dude check it out…”

After a few moments of shock or disbelief came the inevitable, “Woah…”

They also missed the list of names that I had jotted down (descriptions added with my thoughts):

  • obsidian: sharp, rock, sexy, and black
  • fruitbat/okomori/ookoumori: sillier, but black and mobile.
  • raven: meh…
  • shikkoku: too phallus-y
  • kuroringo: I had thought up kokuringo too with the same meaning, but see above.
  • blacksheep: I liked this one along with obsidian.
  • kurome: black eyes, meh…