Paper Is Bad Records gets a makeover

Paper Is Bad Records, Inc.Paper Is Bad Records, Inc. was formed with no fanfare whatsoever back in 2005 by some of the people behind Tuesday Afternoon at China Wong Buffet as a venue for production and distribution of the resulting DVD. The DVD was a huge success and we all became rock stars. In our decadent complacency, we never got around to making a website for our one-hit-wonder. Flash forward to August 2007. project ruori has just completed its first “real” album, and close friend and talented acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter Tarvis has just cranked out not one, but two new records of his own. In record time.

So, how to pump all this new material into the stream of commerce, send it off into the world, get it out there?

After finishing the cover art and sending the whole bundle off to be manufactured, and heading to Burgerville to celebrate, we (now wearing our Kosada hats) immediately got to work on the new website and released it less than 48 hours later.

Dear reader, we give you: Paper Is Bad Records, Inc.