Who tore up all my wallpaper samples?

Tonight we had a short conversation with Laurie Anderson after she performed as Denison University’s 2006 convocation.

Melinda approaches Laurie Anderson.

Laurie Anderson: Hello.

Melinda: Hi! I’m Melinda.

Laurie Anderson shakes Melinda’s hand.

Melinda: And this is Steve. Laurie Anderson shakes Steve’s hand.

Melinda holds up a Tuesday Afternoon DVD.

Melinda: This is for you. We made this film. It was Steve’s senior project.

Laurie Anderson is slightly puzzled and amused. She accepts the DVD.

Laurie Anderson: Tuesday Afternoon at China Wong Buffet.. Good title.

Steve: A sort of confused Eno reference.

Laurie Anderson: Thank you. I’ll take a look at this.

Melinda: It’s long.

Steve: But it’s divided up into DVD chapters, for your convenience.

Laurie Anderson looks at the recording info on the back of the DVD case.

Laurie Anderson: Two hours seventeen minutes. Well, it’ll keep me up late tonight.

Beth: It was so awesome that he was denied graduation and had to change his major!

Laurie Anderson: .. Oh ..

Melinda: You have been SO highly influential to us. To our work.

Laurie Anderson continues to be slightly puzzled and amused. She points toward Beth’s lip-ring. Meanwhile, a Denison Administrator steps forward.

Laurie Anderson: Oh.. That’s really.. That’s cool.

Beth: Ah! Thanks.

Laurie Anderson steps forward and inspects it more closely.

Laurie Anderson: So.. I’ll see you at the reception?

Denison Administrator: No, these people are not allowed to come to the reception.

Laurie Anderson: Oh.. Um.. So.. Who is allowed to come to this reception?

Denison Administrator: Students who have submitted work.

Laurie Anderson: Oh. Um. Okay.

Laurie Anderson addresses Melinda, Steve, Beth, and Tina.

Laurie Anderson: Thank you. Good night.