Some New Quartz Composer Patches

I wrote a few new patches for Quartz Composer.

MIDI Global Output CC :: This patch, when triggered, outputs a MIDI Custom Controller message on a specified MIDI Channel to all MIDI outputs.

MIDI Global Input CC :: This patch observes a specified MIDI Custom Controller on a specified MIDI Channel, and outputs the Custom Controller Value and a Value-changed trigger. Unlike the “MIDI Controllers” patch that comes with Quartz Composer, this patch doesn’t require the user to manually select the “Observed MIDI Sources” individually for every controller/computer combination - so you’re free to take your composition to a different machine and/or controller and jam without needing to hack the composition.

String With File :: This patch reads a file into a string.

String With URL :: This patch retrieves a URL into a string.

Document Info :: This patch returns some information about the zeroth Cocoa NSDocument.

This release is out-of-date.
Please see the latest version.

Get them here:

Steve Mokris is a developer at Kosada, Inc.



Hi there - intrigued by the String With File patch most of all - but I can’t seem to get the installer to work. It begins, then it claims there was an error, and then it exits. Any ideas?


Ian -

The installer just unpacks Kineme.plugin and places it in /Library/Graphics/Patches/ . I just posted another download at which contains only Kineme.plugin (no installer). Try downloading and manually installing this, and let me know how it works.

Also, if you have a minute, what is the error the installer gives you?

Thanks, Steve


Steve, that works fine; thanks!

About the error - sadly, it doesn’t give any error in the installer. It just says “There were errors installing the software”, and in the update window in the installer, it says “Please try installing again.”


Ian -

Great! Let me know what you think of the patches.

Bummer about the installer. Totally-uninformative error messages are beautiful but frustrating. Maybe I’ll just forego the “fancy” packaging for future releases…



Awesome, thank you thank you thank you! The text & URL patches are exactly what I was looking for!

Based on some limited testing though, they don’t seem to do well if special characters (• and TAB, specifically) are part of the content (like tab delimited text from a spreadsheet).

Also, what’s the chance you could make the URL patch parse out just the text from a webpage?

I know, don’t look a gift horse…

Thanks again!


Oops, TAB is not a problem, though smart quotes and • are. I can work around those though…


any chance of a “midi global inputs notes” patch?

I’m finding the midi global cc plugin very useful and wish I could do the same thing with patches that use midi note input.


IggyBird -

The String With File patch assumes text files are encoded as UTF-8. If you’re using TextEdit, go to “Save As” and change the “Plain Text Encoding” to “Unicode (UTF-8)”, as in this image: [image demonstrating UTF-8]

  • smokris

Hi, first of all thanks for writing these patches! Second, I’m trying to process a text file in real time. Is there any way this can be done? For instance if a new line is written to the file, I want to modules to pick it up in real time. Any ideas?