Kosada is Developing a Next-Generation Programming and Performance Environment for Multimedia Artists

Kosada is developing Vuo, a next-generation visual programming environment. It will enable multimedia artists to create powerful real-time audiovisual projects, data visualizations, and apps — all without writing code.

With Vuo, non-programmers will be able to create their own multimedia software for interactive art and music performances, animations, visualizations, games, special effects, museum exhibits, kiosks and other artistic projects. Rather than writing code in a traditional computer language, the composer will drag and drop building blocks onto a canvas, connecting those blocks with cables to create the composition. Unlike most programming environments, artists will be able to interact with their Vuo compositions while they are running, allowing for live improvisation. Steve Mokris, Kosada’s owner/operator, is a long-time multimedia artist, technician, and developer. For the last 6 years, he’s worked on Kineme, an online community and brand of extensions to Quartz Composer, Apple’s visual programming environment.

“In reviewing the other visual programming environments used by multimedia artists and producers,” Steve says, “it became apparent that there’s a need for an environment that’s easy to learn, allows for straightforward combination of audio, video, and interaction in one composition, uses modern graphics standards, takes advantage of current computer and compiler architecture to ensure compositions execute quickly, and can be deployed across computer platforms. We’re setting out to fulfill that need.”

He also notes, “Though Vuo is easy to learn, Vuo can also be used to create complex works. We hope to nurture a user community that will create compositions to share and sell, enabling artists to build upon the work of others.”

The Kosada team started conceptualizing Vuo in 2009. In May 2012, serious work commenced toward the first beta release, which is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013. The initial beta will allow development and deployment on Mac OS X, but support for Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android are planned. Kosada intends to release Vuo under an open source license, and provide support forums and documentation. For access to the latest software and enhanced user support, including tutorial videos, Kosada will sell Vuo subscriptions.

Kosada is an owner-operated company, based in Athens, Ohio, that develops desktop and mobile applications for Mac, iOS, and Android, and web applications using Drupal. In business for over 8 years, Kosada has developed solutions for a range of clients from small startups to multinational companies. In the multimedia field, Kosada hosts the Kineme online community.

Further information is available at https://vuo.org/ or by contacting:
Jean Marie Cackowski-Campbell
(888) 856-7232