Monstrous P5 Glove Patch for Quartz Composer Monstrous P5 Glove Patch for Quartz Composer

Posted by smokris on 2007.05.20 @ 12:08

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Steve's gloved hand in front of the P5 Glove Quartz Composer PatchA few weeks ago I stumbled upon a P5 Glove listed on eBay for $20. It arrived a couple of days later, and I started playing with libp5glove by Jason McMullan, Tim Kreger, and Ross Bencina. I built a very simple Quartz Composer patch around it.


This release is only compatible with Tiger (10.4).
Please see for Leopard-compatible patches.

Get version 0.1 here.


  • This depends on Tim Kreger’s OS X kernel extension — part of P5osc. Install and enable the driver first.
  • Make sure you’ve plugged the glove in before attempting to render the patch — there’s currently no way for it to detect the plugging/unplugging of the glove.
  • Only a single glove at a time is supported.

The P5 Glove Quartz Composer Patch

Steve Mokris is a developer at Kosada, Inc.

To cut down on the monstrosity-fullness, perhaps consider structures for the x/y/z/ir components? I’m not sure how accessible they are then though, but it might trim it down considerably.

Hey there,

Thanks for the help in connecting the glove to Quartz.

Quick question… Do you know if there is a setup of sorts for the glove on Mac as mine just seems to run around too extremes. Perhaps I am not using it correctly.

Thanks for all your great connectors into Quartz.

P.S. I went to ebay to buy mine when I read this post! Your blog is healing stacks!!!!!


Hey I’ve had a P5 in cupboard for years great to see someone using it with new tech. I’m running Leopard and can’t get this path working, any advice on how I could port it to work in Leopard? Thanks