Culinary Blasterpiece

Dear Aunt Fluffy,

Thank you for your kind letter inquiring as to Otto’s and my fates after leaving the litter. We are doing very well in our new homes.

present perilous pursuits

I say “homes” in the plural because we are frequently shuttled back and forth between multiple houses and owners, but worry not – we have not been and do not anticipate that we will be separated from one another.

~ / ~

As to your inquiry into my personal development and admonitions that, being a rapidly growing kitten hastily nearing maturity, I should seek and cultivate skills so as to pursue an honest trade and not to fall prey to the evils of idleness: Your words on this subject I received with agreement and grave appreciation, and your inducements have led me to discard the hedonism and eschew the excess of my youth.

The excesses of youth

Since that time, I have been considering potential fields of pursuit to which to devote my physical and intellectual efforts. The first occupation to which I turned my newfound earnest efforts was baking.

initial failure --- but I keep my chin up!

Alas, as you can see, I have not met with much success. But I keep always in mind the gentle faith and strong character of dear Mother and the words of simple encouragement she always had for every seemingly overwhelming disaster. Though I never saw her or any littermates but Otto again after being removed from the bosom of the family at the tender age of 2 months, I shall cherish always the honest and cheerful demeanor with which she perservered even in the direst of circumstances.

I shall keep you current as to the course of my pursuits, my successes and setbacks, &ct., and I shall of course convey your dearest greetings to Otto as well. Until then I remain

Your faithful nephew,
Strange “Demon Observer” Quark Mokris-Binkovitz