Red Collar

Good day to you sirs
this is Otto von Bismarck
otherwise known as The Kitten With The Red Collar
Portrait of Otto von Bismarck
but unlike MacGyver
I prefer violence as a means of conflict-resolution
whenever possible
such as when Strange Quark
a.k.a. The Kitten With The Black Collar
a.k.a. The Squishy Swishy Kitten
is standing there
Strange Quark prepares to be attacked
which causes me many angries
so I jump spring fly through the air WHAM!
Strange Quark defends himself
and he is confused and THEN I HAVE
at him because the blue milk tab
is mine all mine
Blue Milk Tab
and even though I am uncertain
as to whether Strange Quark is interested
in stealing my blue milk tab
I know he is going to steal it
FROM ME SO I GROWL and then he is confused
and I still have
my blue milk tab also I like to set time bombs at softpixel laboratories LISTEN!

    tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... click-click


    beep ... beep ... beep ... beep ... beep ... beeeeeeeeep

Otto von Bismarck sets us up the time bomb
sometimes I set these time bombs up
using salad dressing containers
or by stepping on things
such as power switches for uninterruptible power supplies
Otto von Bismarck conquers
and it is FUN FUN FUN
to chase HUMANS around the laboratory
while they seek the sources of the SOUNDS.