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Dear, sweet, patient, virtuous reader.

In your innocence, you may not know how much Fedora Core 6, theoretically only days from the final release version, could possibly suck.

Your tender mind may not be able to imagine the bizarre fatal errors that crashed anaconda (Fedora’s installer) in graphical mode every freaking time we tried to set up the network preferences.

And your unspoiled eyes may never have seen the likes of the errors we got attempting to use the yum repository even after the ostensibly successful installation of Fedora Core 6 in text mode.

But you must try, little children, to wrap your minds around the sheer nameless horror we experienced when we decided, after nearly 10 straight hours of attempting to set up Fedora Core 6, that a total reinstall with Fedora Core 5 was the only way out of the bottomless abyss of night into which we had fallen. It started out innocently enough, but we quickly discovered that the grapical route was blocked. In text mode, we encountered strange, unfamiliar signs and guides, but still did not suspect that we had stepped outside of time.

Fedora Core 6 Welcome Screen
[ Fedora Core 6 Welcome Screen ]


The next thing we could remember, we were already emerging from the depts of that murky abyss. However faint our hearts may have been, we knew that such evil threatened to envelop all that softpixel holds dear.

So we began intalling FC5.

Fedora Core 5 Welcome Screen
[ Fedora Core 5 Welcome Screen ]

This was our last chance to turn back. At least this time it gave us the option.

We have no photographs of the horrors that ensued.

The camera must have fallen from our trembling hands at some point during our rocky descent into the very bowels of Linux.

All we have is the strange, barely-human scrawlings of our feverish minds that we put on our TWiki during our imprisonment in the abyss:

Notes on installing qmail-rocks (and a few other things) on Fedora Core 5.