and then all the way to god and then all the way to god

Posted by smokris on 2006.08.02 @ 17:59

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Dearest Vostek,

Every time we hear someone mention the word technologies we mentally prepend “amazing…” and append “…that will drive our economy”.

This has increased overall conversational verbiage by 39.1%.

Thinking of you.

project ruori

you guys are the positively charming . You should take a vacation to Tucson this fall/winter. I have plenty of space for miscellaneous entities. We can make strange multi-medium art forms to promote synaesthetic neurogenesis and further increase our overall conversational verbiage by an additional 61.9%.

our psychics have told us there are some UC-boulder-related shenanigans in our future. you are cordially invited. our aliens will be in touch with your aliens.