hot glue.

A target time of 9 am was set for waking up this morning. However, little did Steve know he was waging a war against Earth’s rotation. Ashley and I have yet to conform to EDT, and if all goes as planned, we never shall. Anyways, Ashley and I woke up at 9 am MDT with the help of Steve.

A brief breakfast consisting of cereal solved all early morning hungers. Steve then ventured back to the tunnel to continue composing music. I did the dishes, so I could enjoy some coffee in my $1 travel mug. Ashley set up the arts and crafts center to create.

Seacreatures were fashioned out of pipecleaners, fuzzballs, wiggley eyes, and hot glue. 6 fishes, 1 octupus, 1 seaurchin, and aquatic plant life were created in the safety of Steve’s livingroom. The underwater scenes had to be put on hold, as the image capturing device was transfering audio+video via firewire to a mac. This gave us time to set up the tri-planer aquatic set in the mine. The tri-planes consist of a background, foreground and “action plane.” It is quite exciting.

3 bowls of soup, 3 ears of oven baked corn, and 2 plates of ribs were had for lunch, along with 2 glasses of creamsoda and 1 glass of rootbeer to help the medicine go down.

The lunch time allowed for the video+sound transferring procedure to end. The camera was carefully lowered to the mine. With the camera in place (yet again artfully set up by Steve) the fish animations began. Forground and backround scenes were filmed first. Then the action plane was put into use as seacreatures were filmed swimming in their natural habitat.

Tina arived shortly into the fish animations and this is when everyone got to hear the music for the upcoming performance. Tina and Steve discussed the music while Ashley and I continued filming.

6 pm arrived, and it was time to venture into the daylight to Denison University. The mission was to meet up with Mr. Matt Briggs and Aaron Fuleki for dinner, then a movie. Aaron could not make dinner as he already had dinner plans, however Matt Briggs and his girlfriend Jessie were able to make it. We ate at Creno’s Pizza. It was delicious and the dinner conversation was phenominal. Plans were made to pass an hour of extra time at Whit’s Custard shop. Steve promised the most delicious custard, and the shop came through. With dessert over, we headed towards Heath to catch the 9:45 movie showing of DaVinci Code. We got stood up by Briggs and girlfriend, so we decided not to see the movie but to meet up with Aaron instead.

Aaron’s house was finally found after missing a left turn. We were greeted at the door by Aaron himself and his two cats. Introductions were made, and we got comfortable on the couches. Aaron and Steve went off to side room to investigate what type of equipment Aaron should bring for the performance. In the meantime we met Aaron’s wife Megan who told us a funny story about cloth awnings. Once equipment selections were made, and no other plans were created, we watched Aaron play with his cats. It was quite entertaining. The best was “cat gun.” In this game, Aaron picks up one of his cats and pretends it is a gun. The funniest part, was the absolute hilarity of how pissed off the cat got at the game. The next best game was cat fishing. In this game, Aaron used a toy fishing pole to cast a toy mouse off into the distance, then reeling it in with the cats chasing it. This game lasted a good 30 minutes. It never got old.

Eventually we decided it was time to head home. The trip home was short and interlaced with conversation. With not enough time left in the day, no other activities were conducted.