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Interactive Argyle Generator

Posted by bbinkovitz on 2007.04.05 @ 21:42

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argyle from the generatorSo, last weekend I decided to learn PHP. I went through a tutorial, orchestrated a lovely rendition of “hello, world!”, and then decided I needed a more challenging project.

So I made an Interactive Argyle Generator.

You can see the current version of it here.

Malus Sylvestris Migration, Part 1

Posted by cwright on 2007.04.05 @ 21:03

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Mac OS X Install Disc 2Anybody who’s anybody has used an Apple computer before. Whether at home, abroad, at school, work, or at that one weird guy’s house, chances are you’ve dabbled with a Macintosh.

And there’s a pretty steep curve attached to switching Operating Systems. This is especially the case when you’ve used a very dynamic, customizable operating system like Linux the majority of the time. In this article I’d like to address some of the issues noted, less than 12 hours after I’ve opened the box, to perhaps help others get reoriented.

For much of my computer-using life, I’ve been an Intel-based computer user. This means that I grew up on [more...]

Culinary Blasterpiece

Posted by strange on 2007.03.17 @ 21:54

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Dear Aunt Fluffy,

Thank you for your kind letter inquiring as to Otto’s and my fates after leaving the litter. We are doing very well in our new homes.

present perilous pursuits

I say “homes” in the plural because we are frequently shuttled back and forth between multiple houses and owners, but worry not — we have not been and do not anticipate that we will be separated from one another. [more...]

"Warum gabst du uns die tiefen Blicke" Translated

Posted by bbinkovitz on 2006.10.31 @ 14:36

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I searched for this in English and couldn’t find it with a Google once-over. So I decided to translate Warum gabst du uns die tiefen Blicke myself (with the help of This translation is a bit creative, especially with the punctuation. But I think Goethe would understand.

Why give us insight?
by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, translated from the German by me.

Why give us the ability
to see consciously our destiny:
our love, our earthly happiness,
and to blissfully fancy
that we can ignore our foreboding? [more...]
file under: retroactively prophetic spam

Posted by bbinkovitz on 2006.10.08 @ 20:54

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pre>Darius Trevino
<> to me 7:31 am (7 hours ago)

will more often be forced to conceive and work on his ideas in changed the way in which society views and values visual art. talk on how important it is!” [more...]

Felis silvestris kittenus

Posted by bbinkovitz on 2006.09.24 @ 11:42

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Wir haben ein neues Kätzchenpaar.

Who tore up all my wallpaper samples? Who tore up all my wallpaper samples?

Posted by smokris on 2006.09.01 @ 22:30

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Tonight we had a short conversation with Laurie Anderson after she performed as Denison University’s 2006 convocation.

Melinda approaches Laurie Anderson.

Laurie Anderson: Hello.

Melinda: Hi! I’m Melinda.

Laurie Anderson shakes Melinda’s hand.

Melinda: And this is Steve. [more...]

and then all the way to god and then all the way to god

Posted by smokris on 2006.08.02 @ 16:59

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Dearest Vostek,

Every time we hear someone mention the word technologies we mentally prepend “amazing…” and append “…that will drive our economy”.

This has increased overall conversational verbiage by 39.1%.

Thinking of you.

project ruori

File Under: Apparitions in Unlikely Places

Posted by bbinkovitz on 2006.08.02 @ 11:36

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So, a while ago I met the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson in a corn maze. He was chasing some kids around that appeared to be in his care in between muttering things like “This is like a Republican conundrum!”

Today at SIGGRAPH 2006 the phantom of Spalding Gray appeared in front of the booth in which Steve and I are functioning as ornaments. He was wearing 3-D glasses and delivered a short monologue about how he was from a suburb of Ohio. When asked where in Ohio, he said, “Manhattan”.

A moment after he left, Steve realized our mistake in not talking to him so I went after him armed with a DIY ruori sticker (the ruori URL and the words “You are a Winner!” written on a stolen Lufthansa baggage sticker) and explained that he had impressed us with his impromptu performance technique at our booth and after assuring him that I was not selling anything (nor was the website), and — after answering his inquiries about whether I was old enough to be admitted to SIGGRAPH (the minimum age is 16) — I gave him the sticker, accepted his obviously sarcastic thanks and handshake, and retreated, terrified and exhilirated, to the safe boringness of the booth.

the skin of this wall the skin of this wall

Posted by smokris on 2006.07.26 @ 08:03

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Oranienburgerstrasse 38 is right across the street from the skin of this wall. beneath the skin of this wall is a foodstand staffed by a very disdainful man.

Ketchup and mayo? Ay ay ay.”

And the unpunctuated question that is clouding the Berlin consciousness: