Keybindings in Mac OS X 10.4's Keybindings in Mac OS X 10.4's

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smokris's inboxI use PINE as my email client.

Why are you living in the late 1970s?” you ask.

But I’ll refrain from answering that question for now. And I’ll even refrain from correcting you in that PINE wasn’t available until 1989.

And, so, in fighting the ongoing war against email, I tend to spend a lot of my day interacting with Mac OS X’s I SSH into one of our Fedora Core Linux servers and run PINE there.

The default keybindings used by leave a bit to be desired, however [more...]

Xcode Template for Custom Quartz Composer Patches Xcode Template for Custom Quartz Composer Patches

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Create a new Xcode project with this templateOkay, so, now that the Game Research and Immersive Design Lab’s infamous first-responder project is finished, I’m getting back to work on Quartz Composer hackery.

Frustrated with the tedium of going through all the Xcode project files in a text editor and manually replacing all of the identifiers and filenames when creating a new Quartz Composer Patch, I decided to finally figure out how to create a new Xcode template. [more...]

Download of the Internet: $42.39 Download of the Internet: $42.39

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Robert and I have been doing some consulting for an out-of-state mid-sized business recently.

We were analyzing the IT budget, and discovered this expenditure:


This was probably a pretty big job, even compared to the task of getting this business’s IT situation under control…

More New Quartz Composer Patches More New Quartz Composer Patches

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This is the second release of the Kineme Quartz Composer Plugins.

New this time:

  • MIDI Global In Note :: This patch observes a specified MIDI Note number on a specified MIDI Channel, and outputs the Velocity and a boolean Gate signal.
  • MIDI Global Out Note :: This patch, when Gate is rising true, outputs a MIDI note-on message on a specified MIDI Channel with the specified Velocity. When Gate is falling false, a MIDI note-off message is sent.
  • Image With Composition :: This patch loads a Quartz Composer Composition (.qtz) file and renders it to an Image. (This is intended to replace functionality that was removed with the Mac OS X 10.4.7 update, as described by Roger Bolton and David Wolf.)
  • File Type :: This patch provides the Uniform Type Identifier (UTI) of the specified file. For example, if the path to a QuickTime movie is specified, File Type outputs “”.
This release is only compatible with Tiger (10.4).
Please see for Leopard-compatible patches.

Get them here:

61 Hidden Patches 61 Hidden Patches

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And a second entry in the exciting-discoveries-late-last-night file:


Enables dozens of new CoreImage kernels, the previously-described hidden patches, and a few as-of-yet-unseen patches. [more...]

Private Patch Settings Private Patch Settings

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Some further string-hunting in the Quartz Composer framework has revealed an interesting value:


It looks like Quartz Composer is reading a value with this key from the global user defaults repository.

In fact, enabling it by bringing up Terminal and typing

defaults write -g QCShowPrivatePatchSettings 1

causes Quartz Composer to present some additional options for well-known patches. [more...]

Who tore up all my wallpaper samples? Who tore up all my wallpaper samples?

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Tonight we had a short conversation with Laurie Anderson after she performed as Denison University’s 2006 convocation.

Melinda approaches Laurie Anderson.

Laurie Anderson: Hello.

Melinda: Hi! I’m Melinda.

Laurie Anderson shakes Melinda’s hand.

Melinda: And this is Steve. [more...]

Some New Quartz Composer Patches Some New Quartz Composer Patches

Posted by smokris on 2006.08.20 @ 16:45

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I wrote a few new patches for Quartz Composer.

MIDI Global Output CC :: This patch, when triggered, outputs a MIDI Custom Controller message on a specified MIDI Channel to all MIDI outputs.

MIDI Global Input CC :: This patch observes a specified MIDI Custom Controller on a specified MIDI Channel, and outputs the Custom Controller Value and a Value-changed trigger. Unlike the “MIDI Controllers” patch that comes with Quartz Composer, this patch doesn’t require the user to manually select the “Observed MIDI Sources” individually for every controller/computer combination - so you’re free to take your composition to a different machine and/or controller and jam without needing to hack the composition.

String With File :: This patch reads a file into a string.

String With URL :: This patch retrieves a URL into a string.

Document Info :: This patch returns some information about the zeroth Cocoa NSDocument.

This release is out-of-date.
Please see the latest version.

Get them here:

(digg this!)

Hidden Quartz Composer Patches Redux Hidden Quartz Composer Patches Redux

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In a famous blogpost from summer 2005, ClockSkew poked around inside Quartz Composer and discovered some fairly-complete-looking patches that aren’t available through the interface. ClockSkew also made a cool patch plugin that made these available through the interface. Unfortunately this plugin was written when Intel Macs didn’t exist, and it isn’t a Universal Binary.

Having myself somewhat of an obscurity-obsession, I decided to investigate how ClockSkew did this, and insodoing discovered a few new hidden patches. [more...]

and then all the way to god and then all the way to god

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Dearest Vostek,

Every time we hear someone mention the word technologies we mentally prepend “amazing…” and append “…that will drive our economy”.

This has increased overall conversational verbiage by 39.1%.

Thinking of you.

project ruori