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Dear, sweet, patient, virtuous reader.

In your innocence, you may not know how much Fedora Core 6, theoretically only days from the final release version, could possibly suck.

Your tender mind may not be able to imagine the bizarre fatal errors that crashed anaconda (Fedora’s installer) in graphical mode every freaking time we tried to set up the network preferences.

And your unspoiled eyes may never have seen the likes of the errors we got attempting to use the yum repository even after the ostensibly successful installation of Fedora Core 6 in text mode.

But you must try, little children, to wrap your minds around the sheer nameless horror we experienced when we decided, after nearly 10 straight hours of attempting to set up Fedora Core 6, that a total reinstall with Fedora Core 5 was the only way out of the bottomless abyss of night into which we had fallen. [more...]

midnight in the garden of softpixel servers

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[bbinkovitz@kipu ~]$ fin leikata leikata: clip, cut, shear, slice
three adjectives: uh.. progressive.. uptempo.. and.. uh.. melodic.

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We performed at PURE this past weekend.


the Dark ages of final

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Whiter than a Hatfield Family Reunion Whiter than a Hatfield Family Reunion

Posted by mradcliffe on 2006.10.09 @ 09:39

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[Editor’s note: This post (including the above title) was written by mradcliffe immediately following a day spent with project ruori. It is unedited and uncensored, and is presented to the reader as a demonstration of the deleterious effects of association with said collective.]

It was brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago that I would be “performing” with project ruori at PURE. I wouldn’t say “brought to my attention.” More like “forced upon my sleepy eyes as I sat entrapped away from my own home.” I had only planned on seeing Phung before he left, but poor logistics and fate led me to PURE. [more...]

file under: retroactively prophetic spam

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pre>Darius Trevino
<> to me 7:31 am (7 hours ago)

will more often be forced to conceive and work on his ideas in changed the way in which society views and values visual art. talk on how important it is!” [more...]

&quot;An interesting musical opportunity... "An interesting musical opportunity...

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…is in your near future.”
    — fortune cookie from tonight’s dinner.

Near indeed.

The fortune I discovered in my wallet yesterday — “We are here to create / not merely survive” — was inspiring. This one was just scary.

We have a little over a week before we’re performing in Boston [more...]

Metasacrifice for Art

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To the ruoriJews reading this: Shanah Tovah, and I hope you had a meaningful fast. To everyone else: Happy Monday.

My Yom Kippur was very hectic — I compressed this year’s atonement into a few hours this morning. Then for the afternoon, I headed over to the softpixel/ruori megalab to convert snack foods into mental energy and mental energy into a set of chaotic probability-driven sonatas for three theremin-like light-sensing instruments we’re almost done building.

So I guess I sacrificed my sacrifice for my art. [more...]

Felis silvestris kittenus

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Wir haben ein neues Kätzchenpaar.

Purity! Contagion! Acrylic Glass! Purity! Contagion! Acrylic Glass!

Posted by tkemp on 2006.09.23 @ 22:25

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It’s been about three weeks since we heard that we will be going to Boston to do a performance and installation at PURE.

Our proposal included an acrylic glass plinko machine (a la The Price is Right) and three hanging fabric cocoons. There will be a performer in each cocoon and a fourth performer dropping ping pong balls into the plinko machine. As the balls come out the three holes in the bottom of the machine, they will trigger the performers to change an ongoing soundscape in some way. Eventually, the person dropping the ping pong balls will replace himself with an automated device, the automated device will run out of balls, and the performers in the cocoons will leave behind the soundscape controllers for the audience to play with. [more...]